Are you seeking information on vintage Visalia Saddles, Bits or other VSS Gear?

Back in the day, the old cowboy saying was; " If you don't ride a Visalia, then you ain't a real cowboy......................."

We wish to thank all of you Visalia Stock Saddle enthusiasts who have written, phoned and emailed us concerning our products over the years. It is wonderful to hear your thoughts, praises, questions and stories- all that contribute to the long standing legacy of our company. Many contact us to share their fond memories of their saddle, often describing it in a wonderful light, as a dear old friend tried and true. Nothing is more rewarding than to hear how much our products are enjoyed and valued!

We receive inquiries on a daily basis from people who are seeking more information on vintage Visalia gear. Most common questions include: What year was my saddle or bit made? Where was it made, and by whom? And our most popular question: What is my saddle or bit worth?

Regrettably, more times than not- we cannot answer these questions. Here’s why:

During the course of our 137 year history, Visalia Stock Saddle, Co has suffered two major fires. The first was during the great San Francisco Quake of 1906. The second was in the early 1950’s when the company was located in Sacramento, CA. The result of these two disasters is that virtually all of our records were destroyed, as the company was literally burned to the ground. It is just not possible for us to provide exacting details pertaining to your saddle or other VSS product.

How can I tell if my item is a genuine Visalia?

One thing can be certain: Unless the saddle or bit bears the Visalia or D.E. Walker stamp- It is NOT a genuine VSS CO product.

Can you tell me what my saddle or bit is worth?

Unfortunately, we can not tell you how much your vintage/collectable saddle or other VSS CO product is worth in the open market today. There are just too many variables involved to give such a definitive answer. Price is determined by many factors: condition, age, the condition of the saddle tree, if the saddle has ever been modified or repaired, etc.. The type and quantity of decorative options- Nickel Silver or Sterling Silver (applies to saddles as well as bits) and the amount of detailed carving on the piece.

All these factors boil down to one thing; what an individual or collector is willing to pay.

We recommend doing an extended search on EBAY with such search terms as "antique saddles", or “ horse bits” searching under "all categories". Periodically you will find many Visalia saddles and other vintage Visalia items on auction. By following such searches through completion you will get a feel for the value of your item of interest in a very short time.

If you own or come across a vintage VSS Co saddle, then you are in luck! Not only do you own the best saddle made of it's era - or any era for that matter, you own a vital piece of history from the American 'old west.



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